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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Publishing Vizcaya

  • Publishing Vizcaya

We work hard to promote the wonders of Vizcaya in our own community and beyond, in newspapers, magazines, TV and online. Given the fast-paced world in which we live, we take special pride in the many books that capture Vizcaya’s beauty and significance. These, we know, will grace bookshelves and coffee tables of appreciative readers from around the world for years to come.

We have recently released the second edition of Visions of Vizcaya, an intimate account of the estate with stunning original photography by Bill Sumner. This and most of the following books produced by others are available at the Vizcaya Café & Shop and at the online shop. We invite you to learn more about Vizcaya and the context from which it emerged through this sampler of publications.

Discovering the Fantastic

Robert Winthrop Chanler: Discovering the Fantastic, by Gina Wouters (Editor), Andrea Gollin (Editor), Joel M. Hoffman (Preface) and Eve M. Kahn (Foreword) with photographs by Whitney Cox, Monacelli Press, 2016. Co-published with Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, this is the first study of its kind in the last 80 years and features all significant new color photography of Chanler pieces housed in private collections throughout the United States.

Vizcaya: An American Villa and Its Makers

Vizcaya: An American Villa and Its Makers, by Witold Rybczynski and Laurie Olin with photographs by Steven Brooke, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007. This 274-page book provides the most definitive history of Vizcaya to date and was favorably and extensively reviewed in The Wall Street Journal.

Palais, Villas & Chateaux

Palais, Villas & Chateaux, by Henri Stierlin, Gallimard, 2007. This is the quintessential coffee-table book, featuring spreads on 30 of the world’s most intriguing residential projects, each strikingly depicted in oversized aerial photographs. In the company of such extraordinary places as the Alhambra (Spain), Versailles (France), the Palace of the Winds (India) and the Forbidden City (China), Vizcaya is the only residence included from all of the Americas.

Living Architecture

Living Architecture: Greatest American Houses of the 20th Century, by Dominique Browning and Lucy Gilmour, Assouline, 2010. This lavishly illustrated book, predominantly about white modern residences, dedicates 14 pages to Vizcaya for establishing “a great and American tradition of self-invention.”

Great Houses of Florida

Great Houses of Florida, by Beth Dunlop and Joanna Lombard with photographs by Steven Brooke, Rizzoli, 2008. This book provides a home-state context and features Vizcaya’s East Loggia on the front jacket and its gardens on the title page along with a 10-page spread.

Great Houses of the South

Great Houses of the South, by Laurie Ossman with photographs by Steven Brooke, Rizzoli, 2010. Our former curator authored this compilation of the region’s most distinctive homes and provides her personal insight on Vizcaya’s history and relevance.

Green World

Green World, Merce Cunningham, Patsy Tarr editor in chief with photographs by Katherine Wolkoff, editions2wice, 2007. This exquisitely produced book emerged from a daylong photo shoot of the minimalist and modern Merce Cunningham Dance Company in Vizcaya’s lush gardens, and we first learned about it through a compelling review in The New York Times.